Online Baccarat for Real Money – Best Casinos to Play in 2023

Play a baccarat game online for real money and join enthusiasts enjoying this increasingly popular casino game. Find top sites, rules and strategy for playing baccarat and not forgetting those exciting casino bonuses.

Top Baccarat Online Casinos for Australians

  1. Top Rated 1

    1. Ricky Casino

    Payout 3000+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Range of tournaments
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Mobile app available
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Eye-catching theme
  2. #2 2

    2. Spin Fever Casino

    Payout 2900+ Pokies
    Bonus 96% Payout
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Disco-themed online casino
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Great variety of real money pokies
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Cashback wager only 5x
  3. #3 3

    3. SkyCrown Casino

    Payout 4200+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Many tournaments and promotions
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Great range of Live Dealer games
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  4. #4 4

    4. Richard Casino

    Payout 5000+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Exceptional VIP program
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Huge variety of online pokies
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Different free spins offers
  5. #5 5

    5. Neospin Casino

    Payout 7740+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Cashback on Every Deposit
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Exceptional selection of Live Pokies
    • .cls-1{fill:#10a572;} Enormous games lobby
More Online Casinos

Real Money Baccarat vs Free Baccarat

Real Money Baccarat Games

  • ✔️ Win cash for withdrawal or to play on other games
  • ✔️ Eligible for welcome, loyalty & baccarat bonuses
  • ✔️ Play for high or low stakes

Free Baccarat Games

  • ✔️ Learn the rules without risk
  • ✔️ Test out different betting systems and strategies
  • ✔️ Play without the need for a deposit

As we’ve already mentioned, playing baccarat online for free is a good option if you’re new to the game, want to learn the rules and test your skills. Of course, once you’ve got the hang of the game, playing for real  money is more thrilling!

We look at the benefits of each, so you can make an informed decision on which to try out.


Rules of Online Baccarat

The aim of the game of baccarat is fairy simple: predict which of two hands – player or banker – will have the best score, or whether it will end in a tie. The optimum score is 9.

Typically, baccarat uses six or eight decks of cards which are dealt from a shoe. Before the cards are dealt, you need to place you bet accordingly – Player, Banker, Tie. Each player and the banker are dealt two cards each, face up. The next actions depend on the result of the deal.

As already mentioned in How to Play Baccarat Online, the value of the hand cannot exceed 9, so only the last digit in a score counts. Cards are worth their face value, Ace is 1, a six equals 6, with the exception of 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings which are 0.

The cards are added up to see what the hands’ results are. For example, K + 8 = 8; 7+5 =12, so the score is 2 (the first number being ignored).

The Third Card Rule

If neither of the hands dealt total 8 or 9, then a third card will be dealt. There is a table of rules around when a third card is dealt to either the player or the banker.

player dealt third card baccarat

Player’s Rule

If the player’s hand has a value of 5 or less, then a third card is dealt to the player. This will then be their final hand.

If the initial total was 6 or 7, they stand, in other words do not take any more action.

Banker’s Rule

If the player stood (did not take a third card), then the banker follows the same rules as the player; i.e. the banker draws a third card if their hand totals 5 or less.

However, if the player drew a third card, then it is a little more complicated.

  • If the banker total is 2 or less, they draw a third card regardless of what the player’s third card is.
  • If the banker total is 3, they draw a third card unless the player’s third card is an 8.
  • If the banker total is 4, they draw a third card if the player’s third card is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the banker total is 5, they draw a third card if the player’s third card is 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the banker total is 6, they draw a third card if the player’s third card is a 6 or 7.
  • If the banker total is 7, they stand.

baccarat tableau third card draw

Stand – does not take another card. Hit – takes a third card.

Betting Options for Baccarat

When you play a baccarat game online for real money you have a choice of three bets: banker, player, tie.

Important to know, and which may affect the choice of strategy you employ, are the house edge and probabilities of winning. The house edge is the advantage and profit margin the casino (house) has over time.

  • Bet on Player
    • Payout: 1/1
    • House edge: 1.24% (6 decks)
    • Result: Player’s hand beats the Banker’s hand
  • Bet on Banker
    • Payout: 19/20 (5% commission)
    • House edge: 1.06% (6 deck)
    • Result: The Banker’s hand beats the Player’s hand
  • Tie
    • Payout: 8/1
    • House edge: 14.44% (6 deck)
    • Result: Both hands have the same total

There may well be side bets available, which have their own payouts and house edge. Generally, the advice is not to take a side bet, but in case you want to dabble, this are some of the most common.

  • Player Pair
    • Payout: 1/1
    • House edge: 11.25%
    • Result: the Player receives two cards of the same face value
  • Perfect Pair
    • Payout: 25/1
    • House edge: 17.07%
    • Result: the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker form a pair of the same suit, e.g. each has the 5 of Spades
  • Small
    • Payout: 1.5/1
    • House edge: 5.27%
    • Result: the total of the cards deal in the game comes to 4
  • Big
    • Payout: 0.54/1
    • House edge: 4.335%
    • Result: the total of the cards deal in the game comes to 5 or 6

Glossary of Baccarat Terms

All games come with their own terms. To ensure you don’t make a mistake simply from not knowing the terminology, we’ve pulled together the most common terms you’ll find in baccarat online games.

The Bank or the House. Also refers to a wager made on the Banco hand – the hand that the dealer always bets on.

A sum of money paid to the casino for the privilege of making a Banco bet. Typically worth 5% of the bet.

Short hand term for a card that is facing down.

A category of cards that includes Kings, Queens, and Jacks. These cards, along with tens, are totally worthless in baccarat.

When the player or banker takes a third card.

A natural hand worth nine. It translates to “The big one” in English.

A natural hand worth eight. It translates to “The small one” in English.

Describes a two-card baccarat hand that is worth either eight or nine.

The player. This term also refers to the baccarat hand that sits opposite of the Banco hand. Combined with Banco this is where the name comes from for the variation Punto Banco.

The box that is used to hold the decks of playing cards used in the game.

When a player or the banker does not take a third card.

This happens when the two hands are of equal value. It can also refer to the Standoff wager, where a player may bet that the hands will tie.

Term used to describe a card which is facing up.

Online Baccarat Tips

To get the most out of your baccarat game, here are some tips to help you improve your chances of winning.

tips icon Don’t bet on tie

It’s a lot less likely that the Player’s and Banker’s hand will result in a tie. You may be tempted by the payout but also note the house edge which is 14.44%.

tips iconAvoid the side bet

Careful does it is the advice for side bets. They’re like forbidden fruit, really tempting but not always what they seem.

tips iconChoose the Banker 

The reason for choosing the banker bet is that it has more options when it comes to the third card. This means it is in a better position to win, but also why the payout is less.

tips iconThe number of decks 

The majority of baccarat games online use six decks, but that can vary. Always check the number of decks as the house edge will be affected. The house edge is slightly higher with a 6-deck than a single deck, for example.

tips iconAvoid mini-baccarat

It’s becoming more popular at online casinos but mini baccarat, sometimes called Super 6, can have a devastating effect on your bankroll. In this version, the banker pays even money instead of the 95%; however, that drops to 50% if the banker wins with a 6. You could get lucky and have an amazing winning streak, or equally find your bankroll has been devastated.

Baccarat Online FAQs

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